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Dare to take a deposit

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31 May 2021
10:00 AM
$34.78 ($39.99)
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Dare to take a Deposit: Why this valuable tool should be used more often to get paid faster

Help your clients to set the right payment structure with deposits

We know that a significant number of trades and services-based businesses take on work, perform it and ask for payment right at the end. You’ll also be familiar with the long wait that often occurs before payment is received. The team at Tradie Terms, a contract skills training service for trades, talks in this second webinar of their series about why they recommend you encourage your trades and services-based businesses to take a deposit to secure a booking for a job or project as the new ‘norm’.

Presented by Sian Wingate, the founder of Tradie Terms, former lawyer and legal educator with 20+ years of experience designing and training on quotes, pricing structures and terms of trade for infrastructure, construction and engineering companies, this session will walk you through why deposits create a positive first impression, are a powerful cash flow tool and why they need to be backed up with solid terms of trade. Sian will offer ways for you to help your clients to utilise these simple but effective changes to help them to get paid faster.

This session will include question and answer time. If you have a specific question you would like answered, please submit this ahead of time to

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