Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers


MyHR and ICNZB are working together to help New Zealand’s small business community stay compliant

The Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (ICNZB), New Zealand’s leading professional body for bookkeepers, and MyHR, a New Zealand owned and operated business offering a wraparound HR service, have entered into a National Supporter agreement. 

MyHR have been an integral platform in New Zealand’s HR environment since 2011.  They came to the market offering a combination of on-call HR advisory and easy-to-use HR software which is delivered through in a singular, outsourced HR platform.  The MyHR team now supports over 20,000 individual employment relationships in more than 1000 businesses across New Zealand and Australia. And they are only just getting started. 

Leeyan Stephens, Acting President of ICNZB says: “By entering a National Supporter Arrangement with the team at MyHR we are providing our members with a valuable tool to offer their clients.  A large majority of Bookkeepers offer payroll services to their clients, and we hear from those members that sometimes these clients begin to expect more HR support which is outside of their range of expertise.  Having a comprehensive HR platform they can recommend to their clients ensures the business’ stay compliant, and allows the Bookkeeper to focus on what they do best – managing the books.”

With the long running global pandemic challenging the “normal 9-5” working day from a business premise, business owners have had to manage flexible and remote work arrangements; tackle staff isolation issues as well as managing the prevalent matter of widespread mental health and wellbeing concerns.  The variety of support the MyHR platform offers has been vital to guiding their subscribers through these enormous challenges.

The comprehensive platform offers:

  • An on-call support team to discuss tricky situations and provide general advice.
  • Leave and payroll services that integrates with NZ and Australia’s leading payroll services, and offers an employee self-service function.
  • Performance reviews tools to make tracking and reviewing employee performance easy, intelligent, and above all, effective.
  • People data and analytics all in one place.
  • Fully customised employment documents and company policies that MyHR’s expert team review and update every time there is a law-change.
  • Assistance in hiring and onboarding team members which includes job description templates and customised employment agreements.
  • Support and guidance during any disciplinary issues or restructure processes.

"MyHR is thrilled to be partnering with ICNZB as their chosen HR platform. Our value proposition is to empower confidence and clarity, and create space for what business owners do best, which aligns perfectly with The ICNZB's own core values. We look forward to making HR easy for ICNZB members and providing support and content they can leverage to help grow their businesses." - Sean O'Brien, COO of MyHR.


To celebrate our collaboration with MyHR, we invite you to attend our upcoming webinar entitled “Onboarding, supporting, and retaining employees” on Monday 20 June at 2pm.  The event will be 30-40 minutes long with time for a Q&A and will provide you with knowledge on “How managers can support employees so they start strongly and stay engaged and productive.”

To find out more about MyHR’s platform, click here.

  • 31 May 2022