Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Tis the season to be jolly busy


Tis the season to be jolly - jolly busy that is!  We understand that this time of year can add additional pressures to our everyday bookkeeping and personal lives.

Following many years of Bookkeeping and Christmas time pressures I thought I would share a few words of experience and encouragement for your newer members.

The most important thing you could do is make a plan, this could include -

Checklist of client tasks and jobs that need completion before Christmas

These will be time sensitive compliance tasks such as Christmas payrolls, GST returns and cash flow planning for your clients

Include yourself in this list - make sure your own payroll and GST are covered, and decide if you want to send Christmas wishes to your clients. I know how easy it is to think, I will just get my clients work done then do my own over the break. Please, please remember that you also need a break and to having something hanging over your head can compromise this. I found that having outstanding jobs on my mind over the holiday period cut into my personal time and space which sometimes leaves us procrastinating and not able to fully relax.

Communicate your holiday break and frame up expectations for your clients

Give your clients clear indications of your close down period, set up your email out of office and include links to support like and suggest texting if urgent. This will stop you checking emails because at the end of the day, our brains need a break from the digital world.

It is also a good an idea to give yourself a couple of days either side of the ‘official break” to be able to complete last minute jobs and prepare for the new calendar year ahead.


Make time to keep up your CPD

While your clients are on holiday it is a perfect time to catch up on your own CPD. There is plenty of certification that can be completed online, check out our Xero U Education to keep up your credits. We also have our app advisory courses available.

Check yourself out

By this I mean your website, does it need refreshing?  Can you improve your Advisory Listing for new clients in 2019? This is a great guide which will give you some ideas around how to optimise your advisory listing: How to optimise your Advisory Directory listing

What’s the worst that can happen?

If you get to the point of no return and you can't get everything done, then communicate this with your client and take charge of the situation. Together you will be able to work something out and saves you being worried and stressing over the break.

Finally, we have just re-signed on to be your founding sponsor again and are absolutely thrilled! We wish you all the very best for your Christmas and New Year holidays.  Be safe, be happy and most of all, take care of you and yours.

Kind regards

Melanie Morris and the Xero team