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Hello to everyone in the ICBNZ community. It’s been a busy time  with Roadshows commencing around the country.  It’s been great to meet so many of you at the Xero NZ Roadshows so far. We still have lots of great events at different locations to come, so if you haven’t already, be sure to register here. It’s a wonderful opportunity to come along and meet other bookies and of course learn new tips and tricks to make your life easier with Xero.

As many of you will know, ICB Global Bookkeeping Week is coming up during 18-22 November. This event is all about showing appreciation and recognition of those in the bookkeeping profession and their dedication and support to small businesses. I’m always so impressed with the community’s engagement and collaboration. Bookies are always willing to learn from and support each other. You only need to scroll through one of the Facebook groups to feel the strong sense of belonging.

Last year saw thousands of bookkeepers around the world showing their support and celebration on social media. This year, join the rest of the global bookkeeping community in ‘raising a cup’ to your profession by sharing a photo - there’s plenty of prizes to be won! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #RaiseACup and #GlobalBookkeepingWeek. 

Providing mental health support for bookkeepers and their families

Last week, Xero released the 2019 Small Business Wellbeing Report in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Looking at the results of this report, it’s clear that there is still a crucial need for mental health support amongst Kiwi small businesses.

New Zealand has critical mental health statistics to address as a country. For many people their workplace can play a central role in building their resilience and positive mental wellbeing.

A concerning finding in this research was that nearly 40 percent of small business owners say running a small business has negatively impacted their mental health. Another 40 percent didn’t feel it was their responsibility to support staff mental wellbeing. Looking after wellbeing is not only the right thing to do for our people and ourselves, but also the right thing to do for our businesses.

Shaun Robinson, CE of the Mental Health Foundation says, “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a positive work environment and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Allowing flexible hours, open door policies and facilitating opportunities for team members to build connections with one another are very powerful and simple ways to build positive work environments and boost employee wellbeing.”

Supporting New Zealand’s small businesses

To step up and help small businesses, Xero is extending the Xero Assistance Programme (XAP) pilot to reach more Kiwis. XAP is being offered to all our accounting and bookkeeping partners, as well as Xero starter, standard and premium subscribers for an additional 12 months.

This service will provide free and confidential wellbeing support to approximately 850,000 New Zealand Kiwis. The service is available through Xero’s own provider, Benestar. Users will have access to face-to-face, telephone, live chat and online counseling, as well as the Benehub and Benestar app.

For information about how to access XAP, email

Coming together at the Xero Roadshow

We love meeting members of our bookkeeping community and sharing some great tips for how to make yours and your clients’ lives easier.

The Roadshow has been split into two afternoon sessions this year, following a strategy and product update in the morning. The session ‘Working in the practice’ is designed for those using the Xero platform on a daily basis. These interactive sessions will focus on how to best use Xero tools. Discover how you can use Xero within your practice and to empower clients to manage their business more effectively.

The adjacent session ‘Working on the practice’ will be better suited to those focused on strategy, people and process. This session will focus on identifying how to do more with less, as well as a look at business strategies and sustainability.



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Mel Morris
Head of Bookkeeping

  • 6 November 2019