Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Hi Members

Wow! Hasn't life been busy in the bookkeeper's world!  I am so excited for what is coming up. 

If you watched the IR webinar this week, you would have seen a preview of what we have been working so hard towards.  The Bookkeeper Agency with Inland Revenue will revolutionise how you currently work with IR on behalf of your clients.  As long as you have 10 entities you work for, all you have to do is register as a Bookkeepers Tax Agent after April 26th, get your clients to sign authorities to act (it has specific wording you have to use, check out IR1025 for guidelines – 2shakes make this process really easy) and have a one on one meeting with IR so they can show you how to operate the back end – which is a MyIR account your clients get linked to.  Just like accountants do.  No more nominated persons authorities, tokens, authorities and all the other drama you deal with, particularly prominent right now with the Pay Day filing authorities.   

In the meantime...

Pay Day Filing

Greg and I met with IR in Nelson on 7th March and strongly aired our concerns around Pay Day filing.  Sue and I met again with IR this week, and with Sue’s help they are putting together a “How To” guide, specifically aimed at Bookkeepers to assist with the issues we are all facing.  A big thank you to Sue for taking the time out to assist IR with these guides.     

We welcomed Sandi back from maternity leave at the end of January with a great big long list of WIP and website updates which she is making her way through.  These are announced and released as they are done, but please check out the website regularly.  The member benefits page has been updated and resources added.  Have you updated and activated your Find A Bookkeeper (FAB) listing? 


We have three roadshows kicking off next week aimed at your potential clients.  Please share these events to your business networks and see if we can fill the seats.  

Out and about

Greg and I also attended the Nelson Regional meeting held on March 7th, which had Mike from 2shakes talking all about AML.  What a fantastic session. Thanks for having us, and big thanks to 2shakes for all your support. 

Greg, with the help of Dee Workman and Carla Jehle, spent some time on a stand at the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of NZ (ATAINZ) conference held in Nelson 1st to 3rd March.  We had a great response from the ATAINZ members, around either their staff joining for support, potentially working with a Certified Bookkeeper (make sure your FAB listing is up to date), or joining themselves to hold a joint membership with ICNZB and ATAINZ (as do a few of our members who are also Tax Agents).  A huge thank you to both Dee and Carla for their assistance.  

Can I ask?

As an association who relies on memberships to continue operating, we constantly are striving to increase our paid membership numbers.  Who do you know... ? Please keep playing your part, as your part in keeping this Association growing is as important as anyone else’s.  Keep talking about the Association and the value of a certified bookkeeper, keep promoting the importance of certification, keep sharing your knowledge, your stories and keep up the awesome work.  And... WATCH THIS SPACE...we all know bookkeepers love a good competition.  

Save the date

The date and venue for #Bookkeepcon19 is locked in.  This will be taking place on 27th and 28th July 2019 and be held in the Garden City, Christchurch at the Chateau on the Park. So, save the date for another not-to-be-missed conference! We cannot wait to see you there.  


As always, we really appreciate our sponsors and supporters who have been providing us with venues for meetings, providing training and education opportunities for our members, and supporting us financially, so we can continue to do the things we do.  Thank you to you all. 

We have quite a few subcommittees working on different projects at the moment and I am really excited to see the progress on these.  Great to see our members volunteering to help, we couldn't do it without you.  Thanks so much. 

Again, a huge thank you to our Exec Team and our staff for the tremendous amount of hard work, time, energy and input into making this Association great.  We held a full day Executive meeting in Auckland on March 8th, and it is fantastic what we are achieving together as a team.  I am honoured and proud to work with this wonderful group. We even got to raise a cup for #IWD2019. 

Hang onto your seat's members, the next couple of months are going to be a busy one’s. 




  • 12 March 2019