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Welcome to 2019

Christmas came and went in a blur for me this year. December, traditionally an extremely busy time for our Ontrack team, saw me move out of our home 9 days prior to the big day, set up temporary premises in our caravan for a week, then move into a rental property Saturday, ready for my young adult kids to return home Sunday for the festive break. Having to also work during this period didn't help the stress levels, but I do have to say we had a lovely quiet day with just my parents joining us for brunch. It was a very conscious decision to choose not to buy into the busyness or commercialism of Christmas itself this year- not to worry if a tree or decorations didn't go up (they did), not to worry about presents for everyone (we all made this decision together a couple of months before Christmas about this) - and to just be present, enjoying the company of each other in one place at one time, some healthy tasty food (along with some not so healthy food...), and few glasses of bubbles to celebrate. 

We had invitations for events happening over the festive period, some of which I chose to say no to. We could have gone and we would have had a lovely time, but the thought of having to prepare for those, on top of what I already had going on, sent the stress levels through the roof!  It was extremely liberating to choose based on what was right for us rather than choose based on expectations. Wow!  So how did the festive season pan out for you?

I was contacted by one of our members this month with a story of her experience working alone. This raised some serious concerns for those of us who do work on our own and I thank her for bringing this to our attention.This is her story.

“I fell suddenly and seriously ill on 4 July last year with a bleed on the brain – not damaging the thinking part of the brain thank goodness! I had a lengthy stay in hospital and am still undergoing rehabilitation and have been unable to work since. The business is ok thanks to understanding clients and accountants and I should get back to it this year. 

How very different it could have been for me if my husband had not got home at the time I had the bleed and if the local first responders had not helped me so promptly and so well. As I work alone most of the time I would probably not be here now”.

It causes you to think, doesn’t it? It is a timely reminder to think about risk management - what plans do you have in place in case the unthinkable happens? Do you know where to start? Should we develop some guidance material on this? Let me know your thoughts.

Best wishes to you all for a fabulous 2019. I feel like it’s going to be a good one. 


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Di Crawford-Errington
Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers