Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Direct from the President's desk

Hi Members. 

#Bookkeepcon18 is over and out, but the pictures will last forever, whether in photographs or in our memories. I am extremely pleased with the event that was, I must say, the best yet. Every year I feel our national Bookkeeping Conference just gets better and better and I’m sure you thought so too. Every year we learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t with running an event this size.

Personally I learnt a lot over the two days. I met a lot of new people (thanks for stopping by and saying hi), caught up with old friends we only see once a year and I have a big list of things to think about for my business moving forward.  I hope you enjoyed the event, made some new friends and connections and went home with a lot to think about too. Isn’t it great putting faces and names together from our social media channels?  Feel free to post on our closed Facebook and tell us what the one big thing was that you took home from #Bookkeepcon18 to benefit your business. 

The Executive team have certainly hit the ground running after our annual conference held in Hamilton at the end of July. Induction day for the new team was held in Auckland on August 10th and we covered off some governance training, strategy planning and portfolio allocations. We have changed the teams up a bit so you will see some new people at the helm of the portfolios all rearing to go.

With so much going on for me for July and August, I was most fortunate to have a five day retreat in the lovely Rarotonga which hubby had booked as a surprise earlier in the year. It was just what I needed after the busyness of speaking events and our conference. We even had enforced relaxation due it being Constitution celebrations that week and all activities being booked out, along with 3 days of thunderstorms. Oh well, I did need a good break… It’s now time to get back into routines of eating well, regular movement and time off the hamster wheel to recharge those batteries, and with the weather starting to change the caravan is now getting used more and more for those all-important weekend getaways. How have you been looking after yourself lately?

Julie Russell, Greg Steed and I attended the first ever Career Academy Graduation ceremony on August 9th. It was wonderful to see the hard work recognised at this event and on behalf of the Association; I was honoured to address the student body, speaking on pathways to building a business. I would personally like to congratulate Christine Winkelnkemper on winning the Top of the Class 2018 award which was sponsored by the Association. We look forward to seeing her at our conference next year.

The Anti-money Laundering and Counter Finance Terrorism Act (AML/CFT) is still top of mind and coming into effect with bookkeepers and accountants from 1st October 2018. Are you prepared? To assist you in your obligations, the ICNZB aim to provide as much information as possible. The DIA and 2shakes were at our conference delivering a presentation on this, and 2shakes have a suite of webinars you can view to help on your journey. We have also sent the DIA an email to clarify what activities may or may not be captured and are currently awaiting their response. 

Again, a huge thank you to everyone for the tremendous amount of hard work, for your time, energy and input into making this Association great. Keep talking about the Association, keep promoting the importance of certification, keep sharing your stories with us and keep up the awesome work.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact

Di Crawford-Errington
Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers