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The Easter bunny has been and gone, I must say his timing was terrible this year.. who decided Easter should fall on year end? I don’t know about you but with software conversions coming out of our ears, I decided to stay and home and work this Easter. I imagine I wasn’t the only one.

I did however manage to get a three day weekend this weekend gone and had a lovely trip up north to Tauranga Bay in the Whangaroa area. Hasn’t the weather just been magical?

Last month I talked about the wake up call I had and the changes I was making in my life. To continue this theme, I had lunch with a client/friend the other day who is in a similar boat trying to manage motherhood, business, family and expectations. We have buddied up to support each other to drink more, breathe and take that such needed time out. It’s so encouraging having someone else there cheering you on and reminding you to do these things… along with an app on our phones reminding us to drink water and breathe every hour. Makes a tonne of difference to the water intake (I haven’t been so good with the breathing bit…).

What changes have you made to ensure you look after you and get the time out you need?

Which leads me nicely into another thing that has been popping up a lot lately – CHANGE and resistance to it. It is really interesting isn’t it, some thrive on change, and others resist it wholeheartedly.

Change never seems natural or that easy right? Just think about the New Years resolutions that we make and rarely keep. Normalcy is doing what we have always done and getting the same results. Normalcy is safe, as it doesn't provoke fear and it allows us to carry on without fear. But what do we miss out on? Change needs to be acknowledged and accepted as without it we become stagnant. The resistance is borne from fear, the lizard brain (or ego) that existed in the earliest land animals. The lizard brain is concerned with survival; it likes the tried and true, so it’s likely to pipe up, flooding you with adrenaline warnings of “Danger!” as you veer off course. This was a handy function to have when deviating from the familiar path to the watering hole may have led to an encounter with a saber-toothed tiger. But in the modern world it’s like a misfiring car alarm: pointless and annoying.

Socrates said "The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new".

Perhaps there are changes required or happening with yourself, or in your business. Or an organisation you do work for are making some big changes. The idea can be intimidating, but do not get your back up. Change is required for growth, doing what you have always done will get the same place you have always been. Let go of the old and embrace the new. Be flexible and make yourself part of the process instead of part of the problem.

Association Update

ICB Technology

Our new technology is coming along nicely and we hope to have something to release to you soon (currently in testing phase so not long now). The website is still in development and we are really excited with how all of this is shaping up. Look out for more info soon.

Business Mentors NZ

You will have seen the exciting news about the Business Mentors NZ partnership. Do have a think about mentoring, either mentoring others or getting some mentoring yourself. I remember utilizing this service many years ago to help guide where my business was going and it was a worthwhile experience.


The second AML update has been sent and the guidelines are ready. You can find the information here. The DIA are looking to do roadshows throughout the country for accountants and bookkeepers starting June, so keep an eye out. We are looking at presenting some webinars around this also in conjunction with the DIA, as well as have them attend and present at conference.

The biggest question I have had is around the definition of “managing clients funds” and what does that mean. The full explanation is in the above document, but basically covers: Managing payments to or from your clients’ accounts is captured; and, with the exception of payments for professional fees, any instance where you receive or hold client funds and control the payment of those funds will also be captured. The key determining factor is whether you have control over the flow of funds – if you do have control, your activity is captured. Taking a payroll situation, for example, if you are loading payments that are then actioned by your client, you are not controlling the funds, your client is. However, if you are authorising wage and salary payments from your client’s account directly into their staff’s personal accounts, then this is a captured activity.

This Month

This month is all about goals, planning, motivation and reflecting on your achievements. It is amazing what we actually achieve over a 12 month period, have you reflected on yours? Write them down and feel free to share on our closed Facebook page. We would love to hear about your journey.

Again, thank you all very much for your time energy and input into making this Association great. Keep talking about the Association, keep promoting the importance of certification, keep sharing your stories with us and keep up the awesome work.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact

Di Crawford-Errington
Institute of Certified New Zealand Bookkeepers


  • 23 April 2018