Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

From the President's desk

Hi Members   

After the last few months of volunteer activity on behalf of the Association, I managed to spend some time with my amazing team and my clients over the last month catching up on life and business. I have been reflecting on how my day to day life has changed since stepping into the role of president in December 2016. I have certainly learnt a lot from being in this role, including learning to delegate more, trusting in my Ontrack team to do the right thing in my absence, work on my time management, and most importantly, book out time for me and my family so I remember to stop and smell the roses. My role entails different things like building relationships with Government departments, managing the implementation of our new back end system, managing the changes that come with employing staff for an organisation like this, and mentoring new board members. I have friends and family who say to me “Di, what are you doing? Why would you volunteer to do all of this and have to deal with the stress of running an organisation of this type on top of your own business?”

And on reflection, my answer is thisIt is because I love what I do, I want to see the profession be recognised for the really important work we do in supporting small businesses to be successful (this feeds into my WHY I am in business : successful businesses create successful economies), and because I am lucky enough to have set up my business so I am in a position to; thanks to the wonderful team I have backing me up at Ontrack Bookkeeping. It is also really rewarding and exciting to be part of a team of enthusiastic bookkeepers who all want to do what we can to grow and develop the Association further and keep it moving forward with passion and dedication. Being able to support bookkeepers to be the best they can be, and lift the standards of the profession, is the core purpose of the Association, and together we can all achieve so much more. 

So members, please keep playing your part, as your part in keeping this Association growing is as important as anyone else’s.  Keep talking about the Association and the value of a certified bookkeeper, keep promoting the importance of certification, keep sharing your knowledge, your stories and keep up the awesome work.

One of the huge wins we have had recently that should be celebrated is getting Intermediary access with the Inland Revenue.  It has been a long journey to get to this point, and it is extremely exciting for the Assocation and for Bookkeepers throughout NZ to see this come to fruition. Effectively we will get access to our clients with IR,  allowing us the manage clients online in the same way that tax agents do (This is still subject to the passage of legislation)

With December here front and centre we need to remember to look after ourselves. Are you taking a break over the Christmas period? I had my quarterly week off this month and made a trip up the West Coast of Northland in the caravan with hubby, spending the most wonderful week in balmy weather exploring our back yard. We certainly don't have to go far in NZ to get away do we?  By doing this now, it means I can work through the Christmas period (running a payroll bureau means no close down period for us) and my team can take some well-deserved time off instead.  I'll be rearing to go and ready for my next quarterly break in February.


We are extremely excited to announce the dates and venue for #Bookkeepcon19. This will be taking place on 27th and 28th July 2019 and being held in the Garden City, Christchurch at the Chateau on the Park. So save the date for another not-to-be-missed conference! We cannot wait to see you there. Note: Accomodation details (with promo code), agenda and speakers all to be announced soon.  


We really appreciate our sponsors who have been providing us with venues for meetings, providing training and education opportunities for our members, and supporting us financially so we can continue to do the things we do. Thank you to you all.

How are you getting on with AML compliance program? We have had some wonderful members really stepping up and sharing knowledge with you all in this area and I personally wanted to say thank you so much. They have given their time and energy to share their expertise with us. I’m sure you will join me in thanking them.

And as always, a huge thank you to our Exec Team and our staff for the tremendous amount of hard work, for your time, energy and input into making this Association great.  I am honoured and proud to work with this wonderful team. Thank you all for your efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope the season is a restful, safe, peaceful and happy one for you. All the very best for 2019, it's going to be a big one! 

If you have any queries on the above, please contact

Di Crawford-Errington
Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers