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My last report was over two months ago now, and so much has been happening since that time.   


I was privileged to be invited to attend MYOB PC Connect in Melbourne in August this year, the first time NZ & Australia have held a joint partner conference.  It was a great couple of days talking, connecting and learning and I certainly took away some valuable things to think about.   We also had three of our board members onstage holding the attention of the crowd discussing the value of a bookkeeper – a huge thank you to Sue, Jo and Lisa for a job well done. 


Xerocon in Brisbane was held in September where a contingency of ICNZB members converged.  Our very own Lisa Martin held the audience enthralled on stage here also.  Well done Lisa.  


I also attended the NZ Payroll Practitioners Association conference in Auckland along with some of our members.  I highly recommend getting along to their conference or leadership summits, as there is always so much to learn.  If you are in the payroll arena, keeping on top of legislation and payroll calculations is a must as it's a minefield out there.  


With all of this travelling, on top of every day life, staff, clients, sickness and Association business, I have been finding it hard.  After speaking to my mentor last month, I came to the realisation that my life is pretty tough right now.  But that it's ok.   It still feels very much like a taboo subject, likes its shameful, and we need to share our own stories and challenges because the more we do, the more it makes it ok. I shared a video at the time on my Facebook page ( and the positive responses and private messages were overwhelming.  So I really wanted to share my thoughts with you all. 


I have been dealing with some pretty tough stuff over the last wee while and at the moment, it is hard.  Admitting it to myself didn't mean my world fell apart.  It didn't mean I couldn't do my job.  It didn't mean I wasn't worthy anymore.  It didn't mean I was any less of a person.   You know what was even more amazing, admitting it gave me freedom.  It opened a door in my mind;  I didn't have to hold it together for everyone else,  I didn't have to have a brave face on  ALL the time,  I didn't have to suck it up  and just keep on keeping on.  What it did do, was it allowed me to pause, to understand and accept that #itsoktonotbeok.  To understand that if I didn't hit the walk I should be doing today, it was ok.  That if I lay in bed a while longer than I should be instead of getting up and doing stuff, it was ok.   That if I didn't want to talk to anyone today, it was ok.  That if I felt overwhelmed and needed to cry, it was ok.  It's not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.  A sign of trust in yourself, that you can give yourself the time you need to feel those feelings, to recover and to regroup.  Its healthy to admit you are not ok.  Its a bad day, not a bad life.   Just don't let yourself stay there.  Put processes in place to combat the overwhelm.  Schedule in time out into your life, do things to clear your mind from the monkey chatter, surround yourself with those who lift you up, and learn to say no.  Look for something positive in each day, even if you have to look a little harder sometimes.   


So what are you doing to take a break, put some pauses in your life, and look after your wellbeing? Please reach out, get some help, we are here to listen.  Wellbeing is a huge subject at the moment, and both MYOB and XERO have implemented programs to support you.  Please take the first step and reach out.  #itsoktonotbeok what our partners are doing to support you for free resources 




Planning is well under way for Bookkeepcon20  and what an event it will be!  This will be held in Napier on the 24th & 25th July 2020.  It will be our 10th birthday and we have a lot of celebrating planned.  There are some cheap flights at the moment so have a think about booking those early. Think about arriving the day before so you are not held up by flight issues (it is the middle of winter after all ...) and, there may just be some pre event events going on too.  Tickets for the event don't go on sale until next year but you can pre plan now.  


Kiwi Business Boost in Napier 

We are delighted to announce that we have been invited to participate in a pilot initiative presented by The Kiwi Business Boost.  Happening between 11 to 21 November 2019, The Kiwi Business Boost aims to reach as many small business owners as possible in Hawke’s Bay, with FREE events and support focusing on small businesses’ top challenges.  If you live in the Hawkes Bay, or know people in the area, please share this out with your networks, get it in front your business peers, your clients etc, and remember to book yourself in too.  This is a pilot program and if it goes well, will be delivered right throughout the country.   A huge thank you to the Hawkes Bay Members involved in this initiative.  


The Executive Team 

As discussed in our last newsletter we had to say goodbye to Kiri Dower from teh Executive.   This does leave a position open for someone who would like to join the team.  In the first instance, please contact the Secretary, Julie Russell on to register your interest.  


If you have any queries on the above, please do feel free to reach out and contact me. 

Di Crawford-Errington 
Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers 

  • 31 October 2019