Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

"Probably the biggest benefit of having bookkeeping services is that it frees up time.  We've all heard the words "time poor" and the stressful effects of not allocating sufficient time to priorities.  However, it is what you do with the time that is more important than having the time itself.  Therefore, with correct planning, the value of your time increases as free time is converted through an increased ability to work on and grow your business.  Bookkeeping is aenabler of better time allocation and management."

- Neil Punja, Town Centre Manager, Manurewa Business Assocation Inc.

What is a bookkeeper? “The activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business.”

Have you ever been asked what a bookkeeper is? Does it feel like you are banging your head against a wall trying to get others to understand the importance of what you do?

There are estimated to be 563,000 business owners/ enterprises in NZ . However a lot of those business owners don’t invest in a bookkeeper as they simply don’t know who we are. Some think we are just another accountant, maybe we are a librarian or even a bookie. But most importantly they don’t know what a bookkeeper is and the value we bring.

As an association we aim to uphold standard, education and support to our members and part of the education involves educating others of what a certified bookkeeper is and the value we bring to businesses .

How can we as members help you ask?

Continuously connecting with other businesses, working closely with our strategic partners, working with government bodies, building our bookkeeping community and most importantly not giving up.

Late last year we decided to start our own roadshows, we knew It would be a hard road, but we needed to start somewhere. We held our first roadshow on the North Shore last month, and last week we had our first South Auckland Roadshow. It was a great success and everyone that attended said that had something to take away from it. Although there will always be things we might do differently next time, it’s a start and it will only get better. A big thank you to the members, sponsors and strategic partners getting on board to help us make it happen.


What message did we deliver at our roadshows?

  • We explained where their money might be going in their business by relating to the business owners and using real life scenaros
  • We explained what a Bookkeeper is, what we do and the benefits of having a certified bookkeeper on their team
  • We talked about ICNZB as an organisation
  • We had both an accountant and a business owner speak about the value of a bookkeeper from their perspective

The goal of these roadshows is to create more awareness to business owners and creating a clear understanding of what we do, as well as deliver useful information to the business owner. And we hope to do more of them in the future with your help.

Sometimes it has felt like an uphill battle we are slowly gaining more and more recognition for our hard work. We are now being recognized by Inland Revenue with the Bookkeeper Agent Status. This is a huge achievement for the bookkeeping industry. Payroll and other industries are also recognizing the importance of the work we do as bookkeepers and are engaging with us.

If you as a member ever have any ideas on how we can share the “Value of a Bookkeeper” please let us know, after all we are a tight community!


Over and out


Jo Mankelow

  • 25 April 2019