Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Learning is Earning February 2019

A lot of people say, “New Year, new me”, and set impossible goals they want to achieve, but how many actually happen? Did you know, Forbes magazine says only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are actually fulfilled?

This year, definitely set goals but do not focus on the detail. It is recommended that you should focus on the principal. For example; “I am going to live by a principal to improve my health and wellbeing, or I am going to improve my knowledge on a subject”. Keep it simple but effective - that way, after the first couple of weeks are done, you do not feel like you have failed. Remember, we cannot climb Mt Everest in a day, so why would we think we can change habits and our mind-set overnight? Like that saying “good things take time”. Take a moment to remember that when you are feeling down.

Also coming into 2019, some of you (depending on when your membership renews) will be looking at your Containing Professional Development (CPD). Please make sure to check out our website and login to CPD section of the site so you can understand how it works and when it is due. CPD is no longer due January of every year; it has now been aligned with your membership which was announced in April 2018. If you have any queries regarding the CPD, please contact While we are on the topic of CPD, please make sure for 2019 you plan at least one CPD activity per month. That way you can track your points and take the worry out of finding them when they fall due.

Education have a few exciting things on the horizon for 2019, and we have 2 sub committees working alongside education to help us achieve our plans. We have our Payroll subcommittee and our Webinar subcommittee; both are doing great things and we will be able to share more information in the coming months. I would like to thank the members who have volunteered to join our subcommittees to help us make things happen. The more hands we have available the faster we can achieve our goals and plans. Other exciting things happening in 2019 are the release of the Gold Badge testing. We will also we will be working through our new modular testing.

I look forward to working alongside more members this year and really getting the Association’s name out there, so more businesses see the value of the #certfiedbookkeeper. Let’s create #bookkeeperawareness

Kind regards

Joanne Mankelow

Education Coordinator


  • 10 February 2019