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Registered Bookkeepers are now able to access Inland Revenue's Agent Line

Since its inception, ICNZB have always been passionate about achieving recognition with Inland Revenue for bookkeepers.

In 2019 part of this dream became a reality when legislation was passed allowing New Zealand bookkeepers to become Registered Bookkeepers with Inland Revenue.

The recognition by Inland Revenue of the increased engagement of bookkeepers by businesses in New Zealand was, and remains, a ground breaking achievement for the profession.

Today we have marked another milestone for our bookkeepers.

Registered Bookkeepers are now able to access the Agent Line

Our members in particular, have for some time asked if they, as Registered Bookkeepers, could access the dedicated Agent Line with Inland Revenue.

ICNZB have been advocating with the team at Inland Revenue and are proud to advise that from today, Monday 18 October 2021, those bookkeepers holding Registered Bookkeepers status with IR are now able to access this facility.

What is the agent line?

The agents line is available to bookkeepers and tax agents who are registered with Inland Revenue. This line is for urgent matters that cannot be dealt with via web message and that cannot be done via self-service.  

The agents line is not to be used for general day-to-day business or client queries that can be resolved via self-service or are non-urgent and can be sent via web message.

Registered bookkeepers can access the line by calling 0800 377 779 and entering their agencies IRD number/the IRD number they registered to be a bookkeeper.

ICNZB would like to acknowledge the support of our External Relationship Manager, Rochelle Carrig who was integral in helping us achieve this change.  Rochelle works tirelessly to support us as an organisation and we are incredibly grateful to her for that support.

While the change here is small, it is yet another successful step in the advocacy work undertaken by ICNZB to recognise New Zealand’s bookkeeping professionals. 





What is a Registered Bookkeeper with Inland Revenue?

The Registered Bookkeeper status allows a bookkeeper to link a client directly to their own agency without affecting an accountant's tax agent status with the client. With the addition of this access, bookkeepers are now able to file returns, communicate with Inland Revenue and see the status of each tax type, without the need to incur further time and costs to their client by liaising with third parties and accountants.

Did you know you can be both a registered bookkeeper AND tax agent with Inland Revenue?

Here are some of the benefits of registering as both:

  • You can hold both registered bookkeeper and tax agent status simultaneously.
  • If you have bookkeeping clients who have a different tax agent, you can both be linked to the same tax types e.g., GST, Payroll and Income Tax without removing each other from your clients’ account.
  • It allows you to keep separate clients lists.  This means you can have one list for your tax agent clients and one list for your bookkeeping clients.
  • You no longer need multiple logons to access clients, they will all be in one place saving you a lot of time.
  • If you employ staff, you can control their access across both your tax agent and bookkeeping client lists. This means they can access what they need to, to fulfil their role while keeping access controlled for the clients they don’t work with.
  • You will receive all the benefits of being a registered intermediary across both your bookkeeper and tax agent clients e.g., tax preparer tab with additional access and reports.

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  • 18 October 2021