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From the desk of Inland Revenue - More detail on tax changes for Bookkeepers

This webinar will give Bookkeepers detailed information on how to register as a Bookkeeper with Inland Revenue, and what additional services registered and unregistered Bookkeepers will be able to access in myIR.

In April 2019, Inland Revenue will implement the next phase of changes designed to make tax easier and more certain. These changes focus on individuals’ income tax, and will also build on changes already introduced for tax agents and businesses.

Should legislation currently before Parliament pass, there will be a process for Bookkeepers to register with Inland Revenue and have the status of a ‘representative’ – allowing them to manage clients online almost as tax agents do.

This webinar will build on the ‘Tax changes for intermediaries’ webinar held in December 2018, and provide the following information for Bookkeepers:

  • how the registration process will work 

  • what additional services registered Bookkeepers will be able to access – including on the ‘Tax preparer’ tab in myIR, and 

  • for those Bookkeepers that don’t register – how to get set up as a nominated person so they can continue to act on their clients’ behalf and access their clients’ information online. 

This webinar will also include a question and answer session. All Bookkeepers are encouraged to attend.

In order to reach the maximum audience, this webinar will only be available to attendees that access via their computers. The audio will not be available via phones. For those that are unable to attend or wish to view again, please download the free recording. This will be available the next business day, after the live session has aired and can be found in the CCH Learning store here

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Attendees will get a practical understanding of how the bookkeeper registration process works, and what additional services registered Bookkeepers will be able to access in myIR.


This webinar is suitable for Bookkeepers.


Rachael Hopkinson and Rochelle Cole, External Relationship Managers, Inland Revenue

This webinar will be held on Monday 11th March from 2.30pm - 3.30pm. Please click here to register.

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