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This month's Hot Topic

What a whirlwind 4 weeks it has been since we saw so many of you at #Bookkeepcon18. The thing I love most about conferences is the connection and community amongst everyone. The vibe is buzzing with so much information and inspiration being shared.

Another thing I really like about attending conferences is the motivation and ideas I come back with. There are many things I learn that can be done to help my business and my client’s businesses – so many things I want to implement and do. That is a sign of a great conference. Being inspired to better yourself and those around you.

But let us be honest. Unless you dedicate some time and planning to achieve these changes and new goals, you lose momentum pretty quickly. It has been 4 weeks since we had our moments of inspiration, what have you done to keep your momentum going? For me keeping the momentum going comes down to my WHY. Why do I want these changes? Why do I want to move the needle on my business? Why do I want things to be different? It all comes down to your WHY. Have you ever written your WHY down and really focused on what you want to do to achieve that goal or idea?

If you have not, I really recommend that you give it a try. Make a story board or mind map. Get visual. Work out your goals, what inspired you from conference and bring out the inner WHY. You will thank yourself for it. There is a saying…. “Apply yourself every day to just becoming a little better”. Are you ready to invest in yourself? My question to you is… Why not…?

Business is really summed up of 4 core components. People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Those 4 things make a nice even balance for business and personal success. There is an interesting article that delves deeper into each of those 4 categories. You can read it here.

As Walt Disney once said… “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Be the best version of yourself today, for tomorrow.

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Have a great month.

Lisa Martin

Vice President