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Are you planting your marketing seeds to ensure future client conversions and growth?

Dear Bookkeepers

Are you planting your marketing seeds to ensure future client conversions and growth? If you are already following this concept of marketing, that is great! If not, why not?!

After being in business for over 16 years, I have learned what marketing strategies work for our industry and what don’t. One strategy that works really well, that my team and I practice daily, is planting seeds for future growth and opportunities.

In the marketing industry, people often use the terminology and methodology “to plant a seed” when it comes to getting new business. But what does that really mean and what does it entail?

Growing plants is not as easy as it seems. First, you need to take the temperature and climate of your area into consideration, as well as find a place with decent soil and adequate sunlight to plant the seeds.

Then, you have to continually water the seeds until they bloom into seedlings. The seedlings then require much tending and care, but, as a result, they will sprout into full-grown adult plants.

It is the same process to grow a company: it requires much care, many steps, and lots of follow-through. There are steps and processes which help build consistent and continuous business opportunities and enquiries. Another important element of marketing is consistency. Are you consistently planting seeds and marketing your business?

So how do you grow a seed into a potential new client relationship?

The first step is… You have to start by planting the seed

The goal of this first step is to get the attention of your prospect, who may know nothing about your company. You want to get on their radar and create awareness about your business and service offerings.

Remember: You do this by creating a verbal and visual brand that draws them in, by regularly contributing on social media platforms, articles, blogs, networking groups and through your other marketing efforts.

The second step is… Grow your seedling with information

Want to continue to grow the relationship with your prospect? Try adding valuable information into the mix and showing the benefits of what your business and services can do for them.

Remember: The prospect seed you planted is now sending out one or two tenuous roots, looking for more information. Give them plenty of things to choose from!

The third step is… Nurturing the young plants with consistency

At this point, you want to prove that your business is trustworthy by following up consistently over time. Continue to add water, sun and nutrients in the form of information, follow-up and responsiveness to enquiries. Take time to provide complimentary tips, feedback and advice (where applicable) to encourage the young plant/relationship to grow.

Remember: This is the crucial middle point. This is the part of the process where many people give up: don’t do it! Your efforts will pay off soon.

The last, but definitely not least step is… Taking care of your full-grown plant with great customer service and delivery

Finally, you can see the results of your efforts. Your seed has grown into a plant that has fully mature and ready to interact with your business as a new client. In order to keep that relationship alive and flourishing, you need to have a system in place so that your new relationship can flourish into something beautiful and long term.

Remember: It is important to ask yourself, how will you follow up with your clients? How will you make sure you are meeting their needs? It is important to have a documented new client checklist to ensure you are delivering the services and solutions you promised.

You cannot go from a seed of interest to harvesting the fruits of the client relationship overnight. Building that relationship takes time, patience and effort. Now is the perfect time to start planting those seeds so you can count on healthy conversions.

Want more tips on how to market your bookkeeping business? Stay tuned for more marketing tips over the coming months.

Kind regards

Lisa Martin

Vice President