Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

For some of you this is a new experience and an exciting one to learn, absorb and connect with so many likeminded people.  For those who have attended multiple conferences, this is the perfect opportunity to get up with the play on industry changes and standards and build new strategic relationships.

I remember my first #Bookkeepcon conference.  It was a room with no more than 50 people.  It was a great conference and the place where many new friendships began.  Fast forward many years and multiple conferences later, I have brainstormed a few things I wish I had known before I went to my first conference.  Check out some essential things you need to know when going to a conference.

  1. Bring your business cards
    Having business cards at a conference is paramount.  I had no idea of their significance until I started networking.  If someone grabs your attention, write a couple of notes on the back of the business card so you can identify and remember what you talked about with them.  It helps when following up after the conference.
  2. Remember the power of networking
    The saying ‘It isn’t what you know but who you know’ could never be truer in today’s job market.  Do not waste the opportunity to network at conferences.  Talk to absolutely everyone and anyone that you meet, because you never know who you could meet next.  For all you know saying ‘hi’ to that person at the buffet may just be the start to landing your dream job or an amazing strategic relationship.
  3. What to wear
    For the majority of the conference it will be tidy casual attire.  However, it is important that you are comfortable.  At the beginning of the conference you will get a #Bookkeepcon18 t-shirt so that sorts out your top for day 2!  If you have clothing with your company branding wear that – it is a great way for people to remember who you are.  Also remember to bring something nice to wear for the Gala dinner and the Receipt Bank after party – any excuse to dress up I say! Another tip is to wear comfortable shoes! And there might be air-con so bring a back-up onesie or jumper.
  4. Walk the floor
    Most conferences have an exhibition floor filled with sponsors and companies showcasing their services or products. Make sure you take the time to check them out. You never know what value they can add to your business. Most have prize draws and offers so pop your business card in all of them. Be in it to win it!

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself.  Though it is a whirlwind of activity, the days are long with lots of information to absorb, remember to step back and appreciate the experience. Also some neurofen for the morning after events!

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks – make sure to come up and say hi for a #hugabookkeeper moment.


For further information, please contact:

Lisa Martin
Vice President
Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers


  • 20 June 2018