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In this update:

  • eInvoicing survey outcomes
  • eInvoicing Communication toolkit available
  • Latest numbers on businesses registered to receive eInvoices
  • Link to webinar presented by MBIE and Xero
  • Set up eInvoicing with Xero

Thanks for completing the eInvoicing survey

Thanks to those who completed the recent eInvoicing survey. It’s good to see that most of you are well aware of eInvoicing, know what it’s about and that you see the value of eInvoicing for you and your clients.

As a result of your feedback, we’ve established a’ Bookkeepers’ eInvoicing Interest Group’ where participants can share ideas. The first meeting was held on 8 June.

Need help communicating to your clients about eInvoicing?

88% of survey respondents indicated they would like communication resources and tools to help support you and your clients in adopting eInvoicing. So, MBIE’s eInvoicing team have done all the hard work and developed an eInvoicing communication toolkit for you to help your small business clients:

  • understand eInvoicing,
  • get set up to send and receive eInvoices,
  • let their trading partners know they’d like to send and/or receive eInvoices.

The toolkit includes sample emails to send to your clients, sample emails for your clients to send to their trading partners and recommended ongoing communications from your clients to their trading partners yet to transition from PDFs to eInvoices. 

Check it out here.

More businesses are adopting eInvoicing

Be part of the growing number of businesses registered to receive eInvoices – there are now more than 5,400 New Zealand businesses registered and growing every day.

MBIE and Xero webinar

The recording of the recent webinar presented by Stu Ross (MBIE) and Mitchell Davies-Martin (Xero) is now on the ICNZB website here.

Set up eInvoicing with Xero

Xero customers can send and receive eInvoices from New Zealand businesses that are registered for eInvoicing. Save time on manual entry of bills, reduce errors and delays in getting paid. Get started with eInvoicing in a few simple steps if you’re on a Xero Starter, Standard or Premium plan.

For more information about eInvoicing for Xero, find out more here.


  • 13 June 2022