Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

On Friday, 2 July 2021, the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association Incorporated (trading as the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (“ICNZB”)) held their Annual General Meeting.

For the second time, the first being last year in the new COVID environment, this meeting was offered to members as an online meeting.  The virtual offering allows us to reach our full nationwide membership base at no cost to attendees to travel to one location within New Zealand. 

Our Annual General Meetings are the forum for the election of officers for the organisation and to pass the financial report for the operating year, and as a member led organisation, we strongly encourage our members to be involved in this meeting. 

In our 2020 Annual General Meeting, a change was made to our constitution to appointexecutives for the organisation for a 2-year term to increase stability to our leadership team.  This year was a transitional year for this change and roles on the Executive Committee were offered for 1- or 2-year terms. 

Changes in 2021

In February this year, our President stood down from her role.  In special recognition of the long serving period of service – 8 years - on the Executive Committee it was moved at this Annual General Meeting that Di Crawford-Errington be honoured with life membership to the organisation.  The title bestowed reflects the dedication and commitment Di has put into the organisation during her service.  Congratulations Di. 

On 31 July 2021, Linda Klok (4 years) and Irene Bennetts (1 year) departed from the Executive Committee.  Both Linda, as the Chair of the HR Sub-Committee and Irene, who chaired the Communications Sub-Committee, have contributed vastly to helping the Association grow and develop during their time and have worked hard to deliver strategies and processes for future Executive Committee members.  On behalf of our membership, we thank them for their dedicated service during their tenure.

The newly appointed Executive Committee

We received nominations from a number of committed ICNZB members who were prepared to step up and fill the newly vacant roles, and to take on the challenge of steering ICNZB forward into its next phase.  We thank all of those members willing to put themselves out there for consideration. 

We had several members standing for re-election this year and they were - Rosey Tecklenburg, Chris Mercer, Bronwyn Gregory, Samantha Bell, Donna King and Lily Sha.

The membership voted for and elected the following members to represent Executive Committee for 2021/22.  These individuals took up their new roles on 1 August 2021:

  • President: Rosey Tecklenburg
  • Vice President: Chris Mercer
  • Treasurer: Leeyan Stephens
  • Secretary: Bronwyn Gregory
  • Ordinary members: Donna King, Lily Sha and Samantha Bell, Nadine Rathjens and Cathy Liu.

The Executive Committee meets monthly on the second Friday of the month, and this week will be the first for this new team.  This meeting will be held face-to-face in Auckland and provides the opportunity for the Executive Committee to get to know each other, go through the induction process and be assigned to sub-committees.   

These members bring a range of skills and experience, as well as a passion for the profession of bookkeeping and a desire to actively contribute to the organisation and industry.  We look forward to having them on board and working with them over the next 12-24 months in their respective roles.


  • 9 August 2021