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What do bookkeepers do when Inland Revenue is closed for 7 days?

Get ready for Global Bookkeeping Week!

Global Bookkeeping Week : for one whole week the spotlight will be on bookkeepers across the world, celebrating the business-boosting work they do, and the life-changing effect having a bookkeeping career can have.

For #GlobalBookkeepingWeek we are asking our audience to submit a brief video telling everyone why you love bookkeeping, and get behind #RaiseACup day on Wednesday, 10 November (also International Accounting Day) with our branded merchandise. 

With Inland Revenue closed down until 28 October, this is the perfect time for you to prepare for the event. 

Plan your video, get your merchandise and get photo ready to share your #RaiseACup photo! 

Submit a video to promote the profession

We want to celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week 2021 by putting the focus on our bookkeepers and acknowledging their success.

The last 18 months have no doubt been a challenging time world wide, and we know that bookkeepers have fought the good fight alongside their clients to keep small businesses running through the pandemic, lockdowns and those wage subsidies. 

It was not easy but there were so many successes achieved that we want to spread the word.

We are inviting you to submit a 30 second to 1 minute (maximum) video talking to one of the following points:

  • "What has been your biggest success in 2021"
  • "Why do you love being a bookkeeper"
  • "What is the one thing about your business that you are most proud of?

What will we do with these videos?

Selected videos will be used across our Social Media platforms between 8-12 November to promote Global Bookkeeping Week and the bookkeeping profession. 

Published videos will include the name of the bookkeeper and their bookkeeping business - so make sure you let us know your business name when you submit your video.  If you include your the name of your social media page, we will also tag you in it. 

This is a rare opportunity to gain exposure for your bookkeeping business to our audience of over 3,000 people.

Send your video into us here >


Get branded for #RaiseACup day

The annual #RaiseACup campaign is happening on 10 November 2021

Each year tens of thousands of bookkeepers across the globe take time out of their busy schedules to come together and raise a cup to their profession.

We invite you to show your support to bookkeepers by posting a photo of yourself and/or your work team, raising a cup to the community.

Please share your photos on social media using the #GlobalBookkeepingWeek and #RaiseACup hashtags throughout Global Bookkeeping Week and tag ICNZB so we can share them directly onto our page - or email them to us at

Do you need a cup to raise?  Or a shirt to wear for your picture?

We have you covered with new items of merchandise added to our shop and now available for purchase. 

Our Global Bookkeeping Week t-shirt design is customisable which allows you to load your own business logo on the back of the shirt. A win-win for promoting the week dedicated to your profession, and also your own bookkeeping business. 

Order these items now to receive them in time for our cup raising day on 10 November.

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  • 21 October 2021