Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Executive Committee

Members of the Executive are elected at the Annual General Meeting, serve for 12 months and meet at least 6 times a year.  The Executive Committee is made up of the following elected roles:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Ordinary Members (x5)

The Executive Committee must meet at least 6 times a year, and currently meet monthly (except in January).  These meetings are held alternatively as online group video meetings, and Face-to-Face Strategic Planning Days, usually held on the 2nd Friday of the month.

As well as the Officers roles, who have their own responsibilities, all committee members are assigned portfolios and serve under these throughout the year.


The Association currently employ 3 staff who manage the administrative functions of the Association on a daily basis




Di Crawford-Errington

The President is the figurehead of the Association and is key in the success of the organisation. They are the representative for all public occasions and are to ensure all standards are followed via the constitution.
The main responsibility of the position is to give strategic direction to the association and to develop and drive association growth. They will build and maintain strong relationships with strategic partners and oversee strategic activities with close liaison with the Vice President to ensure that all activity is aligned with the strategic plan and overall association strategy.



Vice President

Lisa Martin

The Vice President is a key contributor to the development of the associations operational goals and delivering strategy.  In addition the Vice President is in charge of developing and implementing more sophisticated policies and procedures both in finance and general operational realms. This role is responsible for the achievement of the KPI’s in alignment with the association’s vision and direction.



Julie Russell

The Secretary provides administrative support to the President and Vice President and all other staff as necessary. Areas of coverage include Board of Director meetings, policies and procedures of the Association, and general administration assistance.



Sue Inkersell

The Treasurers role is responsible for maintaining an overview of the association’s financial affairs, to help ensure its financial viability. The Treasurer is to ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained in such a way that funding and sponsorship processes take place as needed.

Ordinary Members



Joanne Mankelow


Joanne coordinates everything to do with education. She is busy behind the scenes organising webinars, assisting members with continuing education queries, liaising with educational providers and keeping an ear open for new educational opportunities for our members.



Kiri Dower


Kiri leads a team of people to ensure that our ICNZB events are a success, including the annual Bookkeepcon Conference. She ensures that everyone knows what their role is and that events run on time, on budget.




Human Resources

Linda Klok

Linda helps to make sure that not only our members are happy, but also those that work within the team are happy. She assists with member enquiries that require an experienced bookkeeper and is the quiet voice of reason in many a committee meeting.


Member Services

Zharna Welch


Zharna works in the background using her knowledge to assist with creating and proofing documents and templates for use within the organisation and by our members. If a member has questions that require a knowledgeable bookkeepers answer they will often be forwarded to Zharna.

Support team


Executive Officer

Greg Steed

Greg's role is to promote the ICNZB to current members, sponsors and prospective members and affiliates.  This is a key role supporting the Executive Committee in delivering the strategic goals of the Association, building key customer relationships and identifying business opportunities.




Member Support

Lynn Render


If you have called the Association with a question, chances are that you have already spoken to our administrator Lynn. She is our first point of contact for all things membership related and can assist you with queries on becoming a member, renewing your membership, website access,  webinar links, updating member details and more. Part of Lynn's role is to also assist the Executive Committee members in their portfolios and provide much-needed support for our busy volunteering committee. Lynn has a passion for customer service and enjoys pointing people in the right direction and generally making sure that things go smoothly.

Lynn can be contacted between 9am-3pm from Monday to Friday.



Technical Support

Sandi Gray


Sandi is our behind the scenes administrator.  She deals with all of our database management, system setup, troubleshooting and generally making things work in the background.  Sandi works closely with our software support team in Australia and the United Kingdom to ensure our systems are working efficiently and correctly.  Part of Sandi's role is also managing the website, marketing material and designing our collateral. 

Sandi works part-time and can be contacted between 9am-3pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.