Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Are you recruiting for an accounts position within your business?

The ICNZB skills assessment can be used as a recruitment tool to give you the confidence you are employing someone with the skills you require them to perform.

This skills assessment provides insight into a job candidate’s ability to competently perform the daily responsibilities of a bookkeeper, including balancing and maintaining ledgers, coordinating bank deposits, creating monthly statements, and processing payments. Geared toward quickly identifying a qualified individual, the skills assessment asks candidates to evaluate multiple-choice questions that illustrate data, ledgers, invoices, balance sheets, and other financial reports to identify the most appropriate answer. This assessment screens candidates for their ability to:

  • Analyse numerical data and make calculations.
  • Know when and why to credit or debit transactions.
  • Correctly record expenses into appropriate categories and sub-categories.
  • Determine the accuracy of financial data.

Abilities evaluated

  • Ability to calculate basic accounting information (e.g. debits, credits, amounts due, interest charges, or discounts)
  • Ability to determine the mathematical accuracy of financial figures and data
  • Ability to use reporting tools to effectively record financial information

Why test?

An attentive, organised bookkeeper understands the importance of accurately tracking and recording transactions, balancing ledgers, reconciling financial accounts, and distributing invoices in a timely manner. Properly managing a company’s budget, expenses, accounts, and payroll – combined with a sharp eye to catch inconsistencies and red flags – maximizes overall profitability and leads to successful day-to-day operations.

No matter the industry, a detail-oriented and knowledgeable bookkeeper can positively impact any team with the demonstrated ability to quickly make complex calculations, correctly allocate transactions, and ensure ledgers are debited or credited accordingly. Finding a skilled candidate who can help guarantee organizational success is one step easier with the use of this bookkeeping assessment.

The bookkeeping assessment predicts a job candidate’s ability to:

  • Calculate a company owner’s equity based on a balance sheet that details current and noncurrent assets and liabilities.
  • Properly record new company investment amounts.
  • Evaluate vendor receipts and attribute expenses to the appropriate categories, such as repairs and maintenance, office supplies, wages, and marketing.

Use this skills assessment to quickly and easily automate the screening process for entry-level or experienced candidates, including bookkeepers, accounting technicians, budget managers, or any other applicable position that oversees or manages financial data and records.

The assessment

What can you expect from this assessment?

The assessment is made up of 55 questions across varying topics with questions requiring multi choice, matching statements to a yes/no or true/false answers.  Your candidate can expect the below number of questions per topic:

Topic Questions
Chapter 1 - Account Structure & Terminology 23
Chapter 2 - Business expenses 9
Chapter 3 - Goods & Services Tax 7
Chapter 4 - Payroll 7
Chapter 5 - Best practice 9

Candidates are permitted 1 attempt to pass this assessment and have 31 days to submit their answers for marking. Once submitted the assessment will be marked immediately.

Candidates are required to achieve a result of 80% or above to pass this assessment.

A summary of the assessment results will be provided to the recruiter within 36 hours of the assessment being completed.

See example assessment report

How to test?

The ICNZB skills assessment is available for purchase by members and non members looking to recruit a skilled person in their business. 

At a cost of $99 + GST, this is a small investment to ensure you get the right person for the right job.

Purchase a skills assessment here

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email requesting your candidate's details so we can enroll them in the assessment.  Your candidate will then have 31 days to complete the assessment through our online assessment platform