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Lift Your Game in Recruiting Bookkeepers

Does the Bookkeeper you’re looking to hire have the skill level you need?  The NZ Bookkeeper Test, developed in conjunction with ICNZB members, will allow your candidate to demonstrate what level of work they are able to perform for you.

Get a reliable assessment of your candidates' current bookkeeping skills and knowledge to enable you to make informed selection decisions by adding an assessment of technical competency to the information gathered through interviews and reference checking

Key contact:

Giles Pearson
P: 0272 487 997

Date added: February 2019

Offer expires: Until further notice


ICNZB and OSHbox have partnered up to ensure all ICNZB members have access to experienced Health and Safety mentors AND an industry specific Health and Safety System.

Creating and implementing workplace Health and Safety Systems can be confusing and time consuming, so together we have come up with a solution for you.

The ICNZB-OSHbox System is an industry specific Health and Safety system. Designed to give you the documentation you need in a simple and easy to use format with support from the OSHbox team to get it up and running…And make sure it stays up and running!

Contact OSHbox for the details of what is included and to talk you through it.

It’s straightforward, it works, and it’s heavily discounted so won’t blow the budget – it’s making safety simple.


Key contact:

Angie Williams
P: 021 396 665

Date added: June 2020

Offer expires: Until further notice