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Payroll Practice Guide

The NZPPA payroll practice guide is a payroll reference and does not try to cover other non-payroll activities. It also does not cover all payroll situations outside the scope of legislation but does provide advice on how many of these areas can be effectively managed.


This guide is normally priced at $105 + GST. Through the generosity of NZPPA, we are able to offer this guide to our members at a significantly reduced price.  As agreed with NZPPA, ICNZB retains $15 from all purchases to cover the cost of administering the sale of the product.

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Gilligan Business School

Learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting in 10 weeks

The Small Business Bookkeeping course from Gilligan Business School is a back-to-basics course perfect for bookkeepers wanting to upskill themselves or their staff.  

Gilligan Business School offers a 10% discount to ICNZB members.

To claim this benefit you must be a current member of ICNZB.

To check out what this course delivers, go to

Key contact:

Carol Gilligan

Date added: August 2019
Offer expires: Ongoing


Wolters Kluwer NZ

Enjoy a *10% discount on NZ CCH book publications

Written by industry experts, CCH books are a cost-effective way to get quick, accurate answers when advising clients, making critical business decisions or managing legal obligations.

This discount is available on NZ CCH book publications, with the exception of:

  • the book packs (as book packs are already priced 15% less than the combined individual pricing of the titles included and no further discount applies to these products),
  • the Australian and New Zealand Master Work Health and Safety Guide which is a CCH Australian publication and is not subject to any discount.
  • titles already discounted or on sale.

How does a member receive their 10% discount on a purchase?

Email advising the following:

  • that you are a member of the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers and would like to access the 10% discount*
  • the name of the book you would like to order
  • your contact details, including:
    • Name you require the invoice to be in – i.e. business name or personal name
    • Address (physical address - books are delivered by courier)
    • Phone number and email address  

* CCH will contact the Association to confirm your membership is current before your order is processed.

Key contact:

Maria Tough
P: 09 212 9405

Date added: August 2019
Offer expires: December 2020