Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Engagement pack

Key Details

Setting a professional standard

Creating consistent, widely adopted standards helps industries offer services or products in ways that are efficient, safe, repeatable, and of high quality – and bookkeeping is no exception.

Standards are essential for the professionalism of a bookkeeper’s role in New Zealand, and will go some way to ensuring the economic growth and prosperity of the profession.

As the leading professional body for bookkeepers in New Zealand, ICNZB is setting the standard of terms and conditions used for bookkeeping services.


A bookkeeper who has just set up their own business would need to engage a lawyer to assist with the development of their engagement documents. The cost of this could easily be in the vicinity of $2,000 + and, as a new business, that amount of money might not be at their disposal.

In conjunction with Calibrate Legal , ICNZB have developed an engagement pack for purchase by ICNZB members.

The pack includes:

  • A fully customisable engagement letter template
  • A personal guarantee template
  • An editable standard set of terms and conditions with different layout options

All documents in the pack include explanatory notes.

As a valuable and robust resource, those who purchase this pack are set to wow their customers with a professionally presented, and well thought out engagement pack.