Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Gain exposure and generate business

With increased demand for professional Bookkeeping services there has never been a better time to be recognised as a member of NZ's only professional body dedicated soley to Bookkeepers.

Accredited Bookkeeping Business

For Certified Bookkeeper members who want their bookkeeping business to be recognised as meeting ICNZB professional standards


  • Must be a New Zealand owned and operated business and hold New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)
  • A director or shareholder of the applicant business must be a Certified Bookkeeper member of the association
  • The directors and shareholders must not have any convictions for fraud

Our Accredited Bookkeeping Business Membership is for Bookkeeping businesses who want to be recognized and able to promote their business as meeting ICNZB professional standards.  This membership gives your clients peace of mind that minimum prerequisites have been met for your membership to be approved.

As an Accredited Bookkeeping Business, you will be eligible to create your FREE Find a Bookkeeper business listing on our website as a tool to promote your business to potential clients, and show them you are recognised as having membership to a professional bookkeeping body.

Further benefits include the ability to register your employees as Employee Certified Bookkeeper Members, or access a 25% discount off your employee or contractor's individual Certified Bookkeeper membership.


Employee Certified Bookkeeper

Employees of an Accredited Bookkeeping Business are able to apply for Employee Certified Bookkeeper Membership with the association at a greatly reduced rate.


  • The proposed Employee Certified Bookkeeper member must be currently employed (not contracted) by the Accredited Bookkeeping Business.
  • The employee must complete and pass the Employee Certified Bookkeeper initial assessment before membership can be applied.

By having your staff recognised as Employee Certified Bookkeeper Members you are enabling your employees to have access to best Bookkeeping practices and support from the New Zealand Bookkeepers community. 

This membership will allow your employees access to tools and resources designed to help keep them up to date with the latest industry developments and compliance requirements, along with invites to attend regional meetings in your area where they can network and build relationships with other bookkeepers and industry partners.

Employee Certified Bookkeeper Members receive their own personal login to access member resources and training modules through MyICB and are required to complete a Continuing Professional Development log.

If an application for Employee Certified Bookkeeper membership is received during the Accredited Bookkeeping Business membership period, the employees membership will be billed on a pro-rata basis to align it with your business membership expiry. 

Upon notification to the association of the employee resigning from their position with the Accredited Bookkeeping Business, the Employee Certified Bookkeeper Membership will cease and the employee will be offered full Certified Bookkeeper membership with us at their own expense.

Development pathway

Employee Certified Bookkeeper membership begins with successful completion of the Employee Certified Bookkeeper initial assessment.  Once this initial level has been achieved you are encouraged to progress through the certification levels at your own pace, all of which demonstrate increasing knowledge and proficiency in the Bookkeeping field.

To find out more about the development pathway and what is involved in each certification level, click here >

Benefits of business membership

Dependent on your membership type, you will receive the benefit of:

  Accredited Bookkeeping Business
Peace of mind for your clients that your business meets ICNZB professional standards

A business listing in the Find a Bookkeeper directory to promote your services
The use of badges to promote your membership with us
Register your employees as Employee Certified Bookkeeper Members at a highly discounted rate ­OR claim 25% off employees individual Certified Bookkeeper Membership  ✔