Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

SyncHub extracts raw data from cloud services - such as Xero, Unleashed or WorkflowMax - and stores it in a managed data warehouse.  Simply connect Excel, Power BI, G-Sheets or your favourite reporting tool, and start creating customized reports to empower your clients.

No more CSV exports. No more copy-paste. Just good data.

Your data is kept up to date for you

When you connect SyncHub, all your historical data is pulled from your cloud service.  SyncHub then continues to run in the background, checking for changes so you don't have to.  Write your report once, and have it always up-to-date every time you return to it.

Connect multiple accounts

If a client runs multiple Xero accounts, you can now consolidate reports across all of them.

Query across the entire business

Most businesses are run across multiple cloud services, but this data is silo'd and hard to report on.  With SyncHub, this is no longer the case.  Imagine identifying the highest-value employees by cross-referencing sales data from your POS with wages data from your timekeeping system.  Or seeing which closed Deals in HubSpot lead to the largest Recurring Invoices in Xero.

With SyncHub, this powerful data is only a few mouse-clicks away.

Pricing with bookkeepers in mind

If you are connecting a couple of cloud services, then our regular plans will work well for you.  But if you have dozens or even hundreds of clients, we have a range of Consultant Plans, providing discounts of up to 80%.

We're based in New Zealand!

Proudly NZ-owned and operated.  In fact, we were a finalist in the 2021 New Zealand Xero Awards.  Being local means we're available during your office hours - our support is exemplary and we are always happy to help.

And so much more

SyncHub offers advanced options to Bookkeepers, Accountants & Consultants - white-labelling, customized pricing, bring-your-own-database and much more.  Get in touch to find out more.

Free trial

Our 14-day Free Trial lets you try things out for yourself, with no credit card required and no obligation.