Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

“Good HR systems and resources are crucial to business success. We believe excellent HR services should be accessible to all businesses - that’s why we created FixHR.”

How many of your clients are regularly stressed with HR issues? While people management is a complex exercise, knowing what you need to know, and doing it effectively and lawfully is a business owner’s dream.

We take the complexity out of HR and minimise exposure to the dreaded personal grievance. We support our clients to find, onboard, manage and exit staff lawfully. We help them meet their legal obligations and remain compliant as the world around us changes.

FixHR helps business owners solve their HR challenges in three tidy steps:

  1. First Huddle to determine exactly what documentation needs to be drafted – every business is different, even within the same industry. We cover employment agreements, policies, letters and forms.
  2. Masterclass to introduce our clients to their new document suite, and crucially, step them through how to implement these documents. Documents that remain on the shelf are no help to anyone.
  3. Ongoing support to maintain peace of mind and compliance as things change in our clients’ businesses, legislation and court. This is based on a ‘time in the bank’ system and we offer as little as 6 hours per annum through to 24 hours per annum on a subscription basis.

We will help your clients get ahead of the compliance curve and enjoy the benefits of an engaged, cooperative workforce. The benefits of lawfulness and knowing what you need to know are tough to measure but the key, of course, is peace of mind. Need we say more?

Who are we?

Before forming FixHR in 2020, our team gained collective experience working with thousands of small businesses. We are employment advocates who understand the many needs and concerns that business owners have regarding their staff. From having worked hands-on in businesses across diverse industries, to recruiting close on a thousand employees or sitting with over three thousand Kiwi business owners, the team at FixHR are well positioned not only to understand your client’s specific situation, but how to overlay their legal obligations in practical, pragmatic ways.

Where to from here?

We exist to make your clients’ lives easier. To get things started, encourage them to book in for an initial phone or video call so we can get to know more about them and their HR needs. We are not hard sell agents who will pressure them into a five-year deal! But we are keen to help and will do everything we can to get their legal foundations right.

For those who reach out, we answer their immediate questions, discuss the many different ways good HR practices benefit business, and talk about how we do things at FixHR. If we’re the right fit, we are happy to discuss what it takes to join our service from anywhere in the country.

Find out more about us here.