Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

In order for us to maintain the standards of our profession, we are required to continue to improve our knowledge and to learn new skills to compliment our current knowledge.

The importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) should not be underestimated.

As a member of the ICNZB, achieving your CPD annually is a requirement to remain a Certified Bookkeeper member of the Association. Degrees, diplomas or certificates achieved in previous years do not count towards your current annual allocation of CPD points. The points must be earnt in the year you are filing for.

At its core it is the personal responsibility of each bookkeeper to keep your knowledge and skills current and up to date so that you can continue to be competent in your profession and deliver the service required to meet the expectations of the client. Our current CPD requirements are not onerous, are fully achievable and ensure you remain up to date in your field of expertise.

The ultimate outcome of well planned CPD is that it safeguards the public, the profession and your career.

  • CPD ensures your capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field.
  • CPD ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver a professional service to your customers, clients and the community.
  • CPD ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up to date. You are more aware of the changing trends and directions of our profession. The pace of change is faster than its ever been and this is a feature of the new normal that we live and work in. If you stand still you will get left behind as your knowledge and skills become outdated
  • CPD helps you continue to make a meaningful contribution to your team. You become more effective in your workplace and this assists you to advance in your career and move into new positions where you can lead, manage, influence, coach and mentor others.
  • CPD helps you stay interested and interesting. Experience is a great teacher, but it does mean that we tend to do what we have always done before. Focused CPD opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new areas of skills.
  • CPD can deliver a deeper understanding of what it means to be professional bookkeepers, along with a greater appreciation of the implications and impacts of our work
  • CPD can lead to increased public confidence in individual professionals and their profession as a whole - and that’s got to be good for all of us.
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Managing your CPD

All members of the Association are provided with a free online CPD log which is used to record your goals and activities.  The log can be found under your MyICB login.

What is the point requirement for membership?

In order for our profession to sustain the level of standards required, certain membership grades are required to complete keep an annual CPD register with a set point allocation. 

We encourage all of our members to invest in their professional development.  For other membership grades that have no point requirement, they are still able to access and enter their own personal CPD log. 

Membership grade Points required
Associate No requirement
Certified Bookkeeper 100*
Employee Certified Bookkeeper 100*
Student No requirement

*These points have been pre-set by ICNZB as a membership requirement.

What is the timeframe required for completion?

The month in which you first obtain membership will be the anniversary period of your CPD log.  For example if you become a member in June, your CPD register will run from June to June annually.

To achieve your required points you need to complete the activity within that calendar year to maintain your membership.

How are CPD points tracked?

The CPD log is split into structured and unstructured activities and the point requirement can be met by a combination of both of these.  There is no set amount of either type that needs to be completed.


Your record of activities will be visible for the entire period of your membership and will continue to be visible under the activities window.

How do I register my points?

Members complete their CPD log online through their MyICB login. 

It is recommended that you complete your log as you go.

Instructions on how to enter your activities are also found on that page. 


Professional Development through ICNZB

There are set activities where you will automatically achieve CPD points through the Association's Professional Development Pathway

If you have booked in through the website to attend an official ICNZB event, your points will be automatically added to your register upon confirmation of your attendance on the day.  Once booked you will see the item as a pending activity in your log.

Activity Points available
Level assessment - Black  5 points
Level assessment - Green  10 points
Level assessment - Silver  15 points
Level assessment - Gold 20 points
Modular assessments 5 points per assessment
Webinars 5 points per webinar

Code of Ethics

Ethics training must be refreshed every three years

20 points

Regional Directors

20 points

Regional meeting - coffee group

2 points per meeting
Maximum of 24 points avaliable

Regional meeting - educational session

5 points per meeting

Annual conference 50 points
Appointment to Executive Committee roles 60 points for a 12 month position

Definitions and examples of structured CPD

Structured CPD involves validation of knowledge through discussion with others, or some form of assessment to test what you have learnt. The following activities are examples:

  • Attendance at conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, discussion meetings or similar events involving active contributions, organised by any provider
  • In-house training sessions or technical updates
  • Mentoring and coaching other practitioners or potential practitioners
  • Preparation of lectures, webinars or other forms of presentation.
  • Writing books, articles or reviews for the benefit of others, whether for internal or external publications/ websites.

What points are avaliable for structured activities?

Activity Points available Examples of providers
Tertiary Degree or Diploma Papers

30 points per paper
Unlimited points available

The Career Academy
Certificate in Bookkeeping OR Diploma in Accounting

30 points

1 day software conference, roadshow or workshop
If you have attended training for one day for any industry related software you will qualify for this category

15 points per day
Unlimited points available

2 day software conference, roadshow, workshop or onsite training
If you have attended training for two day for any industry related software you will qualify for this category (including certification)

30 points per software training
Unlimited points available

Registering as a mentor with New Zealand Business Mentors and actively mentoring

30 points per year

Actively mentoring students

10 points per year

Business coaching with ICNZB certified providers:

15 points per programme
Limit of 30 points for this category

Software certifications
If it is software used in your business and you have a certificate, then you can claim this category. 

15 points per certification
Unlimited points available

Onsite seminars / workshops
These seminars must be industry related

5 points for a 1-3 hour seminar/workshop

10 points for a half day seminar/workshop

15 points for a full day seminar/workshop

Unlimited points available

These webinars must be industry related

5 points per webinar
Unlimited points available

Business networking groups

1 point per meeting
Limit of 12 points per year

A community volunteer in an organisation for a 12 month period (proof of duty required)

2 points per meeting
Limit of 30 points per year

Business development

5 points per course
Limit of 10 points per year


Definition and examples of unstructured CPD

Any form of learning where there is no interaction with other individuals or assessment is classified as unstructured or informal CPD. This would include:

  • Use of learning media (online and offline) where it is undertaken on a personal basis, in isolation and without completing any form of assessment.
  • Informal, personal research which does not result in a report to clients, colleagues or any other possible audiences.
  • Reading textbooks, articles or other written materials that develop a practitioner's skills e.g. trade publications and industry news in any format.

What points are available for unstructured activities?

Activity Points available
Reading ICNZB newsletter 1 point per newsletter

Reading articles
These articles must be industry related

1 point per article
Limit of 12 points per year

Audio learning
Listening to a recording by an industry related party (ie. XeroOnAir)

1 point per recording

Frequently asked questions

Question Answer
What happens if I haven’t achieved CPD? If you are unable to achieve your 100 CPD points within the timeframe required you wont lose membership. You will remain on notice and need to achieve CPD points the following year. Failure to achieve CPD for the second year could result in membership being downgraded to Associate Member. However as an association we want all our members to achieve CPD so if you feel you may not achieve CPD in time please contact so we can help you set some goals to achieve CPD.