Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Every year the ICNZB Executive Committee members come together for a roundtable meeting in which they discuss the Association, it's current status and how best to continue to move forward for the benefit of the Association and its members.  

During this planning session, the Executive Committee map out future goals and discuss the best strategy to achieve these, all the while ensuring they maintain a clear focus on the Association vision and how to best serve the needs of the membership as a whole.

Below is a summary of our goals and achievements to date.

Year in review 2018-2019

Looking back on the 2018-2019 year we see what an amazing journey we have embarked upon. As well as continuing to provide networking and support to our members, we have also achieved a great deal of internal growth in the Association, all within a very short period of time.

None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Executive Committee and our volunteer members, all of whom donate their time freely.

Biggest and best news of the year

Without doubt, our key success for the year was being granted intermediary status with Inland Revenue in April.  After lobbying for 9 years to achieve this, it was a momentous event to be celebrated by all.

Read more about this groundbreaking achievement here>

Achievements and goals

What else has happened this year? And what else do we have planned?

Success and achievements in 2018-2019
Looking ahead 2019-2020
Mid-term goals 2020-2021
Long-term goals – 2021 and beyond

Year in review 2017-2018

The Executive Committee has worked hard this year on the Joint Venture agreement with ICB Global and employing staff to be in a position to move to a governance board. 

None of this would have been possible without the time donated by the Executive Committee and volunteer members.

Our major success of the year

The signing of our joint venture agreement with ICB Global has put the Association in good stead to grow and develop to the benefit of our members. 

Achievements and goals

What else happened this year? And what else do we have planned?

Success and achievement in 2017-2018
Looking ahead 2018-2019
Mid term goals 2019-2020
Long term goals – 2020 and beyond