Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Our Strategic Plan

Mission Vision Core purpose
Supporting New Zealand’s Best Bookkeeping Professionals

To raise the standards of the bookkeeping profession by:

  • Providing a professional body for all Bookkeepers in NZ
  • Continuing to promote education and ensure continuing education for our members
  • Educating our communities on what a bookkeeper is
  • Being a voice for the bookkeeping community
  • Providing guidance resources and support to the bookkeepers
  • Developing our community where members feel a sense of belonging
  • Support NZ Bookkeepers and promote the Association
  • Build the profile of NZ Bookkeepers
  • Raise awareness of our profession
  • Provide a powerful voice for our bookkeepers
  • An influencer within NZ Business and Government         
  • Raise industry standards through testing, CPD, development pathways and guidance resources
  • Create a sense of community to provide a safe, supportive and fun environment with lots of opportunities to connect with others in our sector

The association exists to ensure bookkeepers are seen as professionals and to lobby on behalf of bookkeepers throughout NZ.  

  • We are a membership organisation
  • We are here to provide support
  • We are here to provide access and guidance to legal and compliance resources
  • We are here to represent and lobby government
  • We are here to provide credibility to the bookkeeping profession
  • We are here to open opportunities for networking
  • We are here to promote and provide educational opportunities
  • We are here to become a central HUB for resources, tools, information and relationships

In order to claim ‘Professional’ Status as a bookkeeper, we have to have a Continuing Professional Development program and certification status.  Our Development Pathway is an assessment platform to assess the competency of individual members. It is not a learning platform.

As a comparison:

  • CAANZ do not teach you accounting
  • ATAINZ do not teach you accounting
  • Therefore, ICNZB is not here to teach you bookkeeping

To further your education in the bookkeeping space, please visit our education section of our website.