Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

Governance of the Association

Ensuring our members have the support, ability to increase their knowledge and stay up to date with the key information at the forefront of everything we do.  To help achieve this we have a team of passionate individuals leading the way.

Members of our Executive Committee are elected annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.  The membership vote to elect members to the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Ordinary Members (x5). 

The Executive Committee are responsible for the governance of the Association and ensuring that all activities undertaken are to benefit our members, and the Association is run in accordance to the Constitution.

A key mandate of the management team is to give the Association strategic direction and to develop and drive association growth. This includes building and maintaining strong relationships with our strategic partners and likeminded associations. 

Our elected committee all run and direct their own successful businesses in the field of bookkeeping, and time given to the association is on a voluntary basis.

Elected Officers

At the Annual General Meeting held on 24 July 2020, our members elected the following officers for the 2020/2021 year:

Rosey Tecklenburg
Certified Bookkeeper, Auckland


The President is the figurehead of the Association and is key in the success of the organisation. They are the representative for all public occasions and are to ensure all standards are followed via the constitution.
The main responsibility of the position is to give strategic direction to the association and to develop and drive association growth. They will build and maintain strong relationships with strategic partners and oversee strategic activities with close liaison with the Vice President to ensure that all activity is aligned with the strategic plan and overall association strategy.

Chris Mercer
Certified Bookkeeper, Waikato


The Vice President is a key contributor to the development of the associations operational goals and delivering strategy.  In addition the Vice President is in charge of developing and implementing more sophisticated policies and procedures both in finance and general operational realms. This role is responsible for the achievement of the KPI’s in alignment with the association’s vision and direction.

Leeyan Stephens
Certified Bookkeeper, Auckland


The Treasurers role is responsible for maintaining an overview of the association’s financial affairs, to help ensure its financial viability. The Treasurer is to ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained in such a way that funding and sponsorship processes take place as needed.

Bronwyn Gregory
Certified Bookkeeper, Canterbury


The Secretary provides administrative support to the President and Vice President and all other staff as necessary. Areas of coverage include Board of Director meetings, policies and procedures of the Association, and general administration assistance.

Ordinary members

At the Annual General Meeting held on 24 July 2020, our members elected the following ordinary members for the 2020/2021 year:

Nadine Rathjens
Certified Bookkeeper, Auckland

Cathy Liu
Certified Bookkeeper, Northland

Sam Bell
Certified Bookkeeper, Nelson

Donna King
Certified Bookkeeper, Auckland

Lily Sha
Certified Bookkeeper, Canterbury


Acknowleding past committee members

Our association exists because of the dedication and drive of our founding Executive Committee. Their determination has been carried through the years by a number of passionate individuals who have presided on our Board.

Without the contribution of all those listed below, we would not exist as we do today. This is our way of thanking and acknowledging all of our Executive Committee members throughout the years.