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Paymark is now Worldline

Worldline has long been a leader in local payments, since we launched EFTPOS in 1989. We’ve been an important part of New Zealand’s growth as an economy, providing a trusted service for almost every Kiwi consumer.

Today we sit at the heart of Aotearoa’s payments infrastructure with products being built using open banking technology and providing retailers with easy access to data about their own customers' habits. Our platform lets tech start-ups and banking giants come together to provide better service to businesses and consumers.

As New Zealand’s leading payments innovator, we specialise in payment solutions, that help businesses grow – in-store, online and via mobile.  We provide digital payments solutions for New Zealand businesses who need safe and secure payments, in turn giving Kiwi shoppers seamless payment options.



What does Worldline offer?


Smarter EFTPOS for savvy business

For over 30 years, Kiwi retailers have trusted our network

We take care of your transactions so you can get on with growing your business. We move your customer’s money into your account, with a protective shield between the two that keeps everyone’s data safe.



Online EFTPOS enables your customers to pay online with their smart phone.

To pay, customers simply enter their mobile number and select their bank on your payments page, then they approve the payment on their mobile banking app.

That's it, it’s the safer and easier way to pay online, your customers never need expose their payment or banking credentials.

Download the Online EFTPOS and Xero Integration User Guide here >