Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers


The logo is the physical representation of the ICNZB brand and our promise and commitment to our members.  It signals the consistently high standards of the services provided by members of the association.

Nurturing the ICNZB brand

Like anything important in life, our brand needs to be looked after. It takes considerable work, creativity, innovation, and commitment to build a brand. We need to be diligent and constantly watchful that everything we do, what we say and the way we behave, is in a manner that is consistent with the values and personality of the brand.

We share with our members a vested interest in building and protecting the ICNZB brand. It is where the value in ICNZB as a association lies and we will do all we can to ensure the ICNZB brand is and remains a credible voice for the industry.

Full logo

The full logo is only to be used in promotion of the association and is not permitted to be used by members in promoting their own business.

Use of the full logo is restricted to members of the executive or employees in the role of communication on behalf of the association. This may be presented in the form of formal letter or any form of electronic communication relating directly to the operations of the association, or in branded collateral for the purpose of increasing awareness of the association.

Special requests for full ICNZB logo use

We are dedicated to promoting bookkeeping in New Zealand and encourage our members to promote the association when and where you can. We understand our members may on occasion be presented with an opportunity to promote the association as a whole. In this instance, you must refer this opportunity to the Communications Sub-Committee for consideration and approval.

Any requests for special use of the full ICNZB logo must be:

  • Submitted in writing to the Communications Sub-Committee prior to the promotion/advertising starting and allow sufficient time for approval to be given (minimum 1 month).
  • Accompanied by a copy of the potential advertisement, artwork or script.
  • In accordance with the branding guidelines (colours, fonts, etc)

The Communications Sub-Committee will consider whether the request will be of benefit to the association and our members, and whether the tone, manner and presentation are consistent with the image and standards we maintain.

 To submit a request for consideration, please email the required information to

Membership badges and logo

Use of ICNZB membership badges without current membership is strictly prohibited.

As a member, you share the responsibility to ensure that our brand and image are maintained, presented, represented and marketed in the best and most professional way possible.  It is all of our interest that you treat these and other licensed trademarks with utmost respect. They must not be corrupted or compromised by incorrect use.

Current members are provided with member badges to promote their membership with the association.

These badges can be ordered through the Shop.

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  • Updated: 28 August 2021