Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

The New Zealand Bookkeepers Association Inc is an incorporated society registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.  The Association, which trades as Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (ICNZB), was registered on 15 July 2010 under society number 2538309.

The association also operate a New Zealand limited company - New Zealand Bookkeepers Limited.  This company was registered on 7 November 2011 under company number 3629931 and NZBN 9429030899346.  The company is 100% owned by the incorporated society and directed by the President and Vice President.

The association is most commonly referred to as NZBAI, ICNZB or simply the association.

Who are we?

ICNZB are focussed on the continual development and professionalism of our members, the profession and education of the general public on the value of bookkeeping. 

Empowering Bookkeepers to be trusted and valued business professionals

How it all began

The story of ICNZB starts in 2010 when a group of likeminded bookkeepers got together for support. This was when the typical bookkeeper was someone with experience preparing GST returns, producing profit and loss reports and liaising with accountants. Many bookkeepers worked from their kitchen tables with little support. 

Before founding ICNZB, there was not a lot of help or recognition out there for bookkeepers alike. An organisation was needed that could develop standards, educate and support the bookkeeping community. It also needed to help offer the growth and assistance that we all so desperately required.

An event was hosted to gauge the demand for the sort of association they were looking for. Afterwards a meeting was held where the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association’s Founding Committee formed.  That Committee included Melanie Morris, Steve Lowry, Pip Langford, Vivien Cowey, Craig Hibbert and Tanya Hulme.

It was a very exciting time. Starting from scratch, and with the support of our founding sponsor, Xero, our founders developed a constitution, set up bank accounts, email addresses and a website all on a shoestring budget.

Where we are today

Today, there is a proud group of New Zealand bookkeepers behind ICNZB who are committed to developing a professional Association, a dedicated support system for bookkeepers throughout NZ and making the public aware of its existence.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we could not continue to do what we do without the support of our financial members, and of our generous sponsors.  With their backing, we can continue to thrive and grow as an Association, and as a profession. 

To read more about the sponsors behind our organisation, click here.

Global support

In 2017, the membership voted at a Special General Meeting to enter into a joint venture agreement with ICB Global.  Through this partnership ICNZB have opted to maintain independence with New Zealand leadership through an ICB Global partnership.

As part of this joint venture agreement, we benefit from having global recognition, access to tailored membership management software and the opportunity for collaboration between the many associations across all of the countries that make up the ICB Global network. 

ICB Global will benefit by having another reputable local association join the Global network and contribute to the ongoing development of the bookkeeping community around the world.

ICB Global has a fluid and contemporary approach to meeting the needs, discussing the current developments and ensuring on a global basis we achieve objectives that benefit each local (country) association but leverage off the Global recognition that we have. This implies that the communication between us all is open and honest and develops over time.

ICB is currently represented in:

  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Ireland
  • Kazakhstan
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Empowering Bookkeepers to be trusted and valued business professionals

Mission statement

Empowering Bookkeepers to be trusted and valued business professionals

Vision statement

The leading professional body for bookkeepers in New Zealand; setting the standards while providing guidance and support to our community


Our core purpose

To drive industry standards, advocate for the profession and provide a supportive community for our members



Our structure

Ensuring our members have the support, ability to increase their knowledge and stay up to date with the key information at the forefront of everything we do.  To help achieve this we have a team of passionate individuals leading the way.

Executive Committee

Members of our Executive Committee are elected annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.  The membership vote to elect members for the following roles:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Ordinary Members (x5)

The Executive Committee are responsible for the governance of the Association and ensuring that all activities undertaken are to benefit our members, and the Association is run in accordance to the Constitution.

A key mandate of the management team is to give the Association strategic direction and to develop and drive association growth. This includes building and maintaining strong relationships with our strategic partners and likeminded associations. 

Our elected committee all run and direct their own successful businesses in the field of bookkeeping, and time given to the association is on a voluntary basis. 


In order to support the Executive Committee in achieving their objectives, and ensure they are still able to operate their own business interests, the Association employs a team of key people to manage the day to day operations.  The team assists in all manner of administrative duties including, but not limited to:

  • delivering the strategic goals of the Association
  • building key customer relationships
  • identifying business opportunities
  • managing all membership applications, renewals and queries
  • providing key information to members on important changes, new incentives and industry news

Regional Directors

Ensuring that our members, and interested members, have the support and ability to associate with other ICNZB members is an integral part of our objective.  To facilitate this, our team of Regional Directors run regular networking events in their region.

These network meetings cover a range of topical subjects – from education sessions to business growth – from members and often guest presenters.  Occasionally these meetings will provide you with a simple “coffee catchup” theme to allow you to connect with other members on a personal level. 

To find events in your area, please click here.

Meet the teams

To meet the current Executive Committee, employees and regional director teams, click here

Recognition from Inland Revenue

At its inception, the ICNZB has been passionate about achieving this recognition with Inland Revenue and this desire has amplified over the years through many members of our executive committee.

In 2019 this dream became a reality when legislation was passed allowing New Zealand bookkeepers to become Bookkeeper Agents with Inland Revenue.

The recognition by Inland Revenue of the increased engagement of bookkeepers by businesses in New Zealand was a ground breaking achievement for the profession. 

Bookkeepers in New Zealand are at the forefront of business, supporting them at a grass roots level, ensuring their systems and processes are robust and current, supplying insights into the accurate data with which clients make sound business decisions, as well as assisting businesses with their compliance obligations.

This new agent status allows a bookkeeper to link a client directly to their own agency without affecting an accountant's tax agent status with the client. With the addition of this access, bookkeepers are now able to file returns, communicate with Inland Revenue and see the status of each tax type, without the need to incur further time and costs to their client by liaising with third parties and accountants.

To find out more about Bookkeeper Agent status, please refer to:


Our membership structure is voted on by our members at our Annual General Meeting and recorded in our constitution.

With varying levels of individual and business membership, there is something for every level of bookkeeper in New Zealand. 

To find out more about our membership types on offer, click here >

Continuing Professional Development

The association has fought hard to be recognised as a profession.  In order to allow our members to be recognised and celebrated as a professional industry expert, we require our Certified Bookkeeper members and Certified Bookkeeper Employee members to participate in our Continuing Professional Development program to maintain their certification status. 

Members are required to maintain a high level of Continuing Professional Development by participating in courses and activities that assist members in their own professional development.

Annual Excellence Awards

The Annual Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the success of bookkeepers and their businesses, and play an important role in raising awareness of our profession in New Zealand. 

The awards have been a highlight of the Association's event calendar since 2013 and have been instrumental in the personal and business development for our members. 

Entries open in late April each year and winners are announced at the conclusion of our annual #Bookkeepcon conference, with awards presented to the winners at the Awards Dinner. 

To find out more about the Annual Excellence Awards, click here.


We offer our membership base a range of resources that enables them to be at the forefront of current legislative changes and updates, take advantage of pricing benefits and network with like minded individuals and achieve recognition of their achievements.

These are delivered through:

  • Annual conference - #Bookkeepcon
  • Regional network meetings and webinar series
  • Exclusive member benefit offerings
  • Online resources
  • Members only Facebook group *

* admission conditions apply